Adam Strack is a full-time guitarist and singer in Fort Wayne, IN since 2008. He plays cover music in a solo, duo, or full band setting performing a variety of styles including classic rock, alternative rock, reggae, country, bluegrass, etc... He comes from a family of musicians that played as a family band for a decade in the 90’s.  Adam has been performing in front of live audiences for over 25 years now and has played at most of the venues here in the Fort including: The Embassy, Three Rivers Festival, Parkview Stadium, The Phoenix, Columbia Street West, Country Heritage Winery and most of the local Bar/Restaurants that have live music.  He’s also had the unique privilege of playing in many projects and open jams with other talented local artists including Anthony Wilson, Tim Sewell, Hubie Ashcraft, Chris Dodds, Brian Lemert, Kenny Taylor, G-Money, Scott Schwan, Jamie Simon, Matt Kempf, Sunny Taylor, Todd Kabisch etc… Last year the “Adam Strack Band” played at Federated Media’s “Rock n Brew” at Parkview Stadium and at the two “Wine Splash” events in Fort Wayne and South Bend.  Strack has also performed at a variety of charity organizations such as: Hear Care, RISE in Angola, MDA fundraisers, and others and enjoys giving back to the community when he can.  He also performs and DJs at weddings and events wherever there is a want for live music.

Adam Strack
Adam Strack

Adam Strack | Fort Wayne, IN | 260-418-2070

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